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2022 - 30 Day Elf Kit

2022 - 30 Day Elf Kit

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ğŸŽ… Elevate your elf's holiday magic with our elf kit! ğŸŽ…

Whether you're a first-time elf participant or a seasoned Elf Kit Co pro, this kit includes everything you need to ensure that your kids will have a holiday season filled with excitement.

Please note that this kit is from 2022. If you purchased from us in 2022, this kit will contain the same items.  If you've purchased this kit in the past, check out this year's kit instead! 

Make the holidays magical for your kids by immersing their elf in a world of fun! ✨ With this 30-day kit, easily set up quick and effortless scenes where your elf engages in playful and silly activities that encourage good behavior and spark excitement about the holidays. ğŸŽğŸŽ…

🌟 What's Included? 🌟

  • 30 individually packaged elf activities, ensuring that there is something special for each day (originally designed to start the day following Thanksgiving in 2022)
  • An introduction letter
  • Written instructions detailing the daily setup

🔔 Limited Availability. Add some extra sparkle to your holidays this year! 🔔

Elf Not Included

**We do not claim ownership of the elf depicted in the photos. The elf shown is for demonstration purposes only and is not included with the purchase of our kits.

*All sales are final, no returns due to the nature of the product.

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